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Architectural Report Specialist

Architectural Report Specialist

Genis Design, P.C. does things projects need for public agency approval:


Examines construction drawings for every countable public space amenity
Your replacement reserves schedule is thorough, accurate and has a paper trail


Uses the most current cost estimating data for both DC and the suburbs
Your replacement cost figures can be more accurate than even your contractors’ bids


Creates easy-to-read summaries of major building systems
Your project’s details can be understood by non-technical reviewers


Obtains Notary Public seals for all replacement reserves work
You can rely on certified work covered by professional liability insurance


Creates unit plan scale drawings for marketing and building permits
Reduces fees you would otherwise pay for survey plat documents


Doesn’t have you “take a number” to get quick service
Yours is one of no more than five projects ongoing at any time


All this and more just for calling Tom Genis at (202) 674-5265, faxing at (202) 234-5260 or emailing today.