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Specifications Specialist

Specifications Specialist

Genis Design, P.C. does things some architects may not even think about:


♦  ALWAYS uses the latest MASTERSPEC quarterly update
You don’t miss out on the latest sustainability or code changes


♦  Creates proprietary text for any product or procedure
You’re not “stuck” with settling for a product you don’t want


♦  Assures consistent formatting across all disciplines
Your specifications “book” doesn’t look thrown together


♦  Offers prompt turnaround
You get your specifications at or before every deadline


♦  Modifies “boilerplate” to apply to your project
Your products’ specific text replaces generic text


♦  Coordinates the specifications work of your entire design team
One less thing for you to manage


♦  Doesn’t have you “take a number” to get quick service
Yours is one of no more than five projects ongoing at any time


♦  Does common sense editing that only an architect can do
You don’t have to spend hours deciding on minutiae


All this and more just for calling Tom Genis at (202) 674-5265, faxing at (202) 234-5260 or emailing today.